_Three Litres

_Three Litres – 3L Backpack 2022


The 3L backpack is a fun, campy poke at Australia's notoriously boozy culture. The silver bladder is a nostalgic symbol of 80's portability, wild parties and bad hangovers. _Three Litres backpacks contain a watertight, functioning wine bladder in the front section of the bag that is also refillable and replaceable. The bladder holds your drink of choice for any occasion, alcoholic or otherwise! Cheers!

_Three Litres is a collaboration between Lia Tabrah and Kirk Ireland. Lia's creative inspirations of Australiana, pop culture, fashion and lols have informed her art and design practise since 2008. Lia has exhibited and sold extensively around Australia and curated exhibitions and events for festivals and cultural institutions. Kirk launched her first label in 2000 after exploring the craft of bag and accessories making. With her background in sculpture, design, fashion and art, Kirk has also worked in bespoke fashion, upholstery and in the product and interior design industries. Kirk successfully ran design store Quirk & Co between the years of 2010 and 2018


November 17 – January 7

Presenting works by Anna Varendorff, Caro Pattle, Drew Spangenberg, Julian Leigh May, Katie-Ann Houghton, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Rowsaan, Studio Dokola, _Three Litres & Yeend Studio 

Cheers, salud, bottoms up! Along with the clink of a glass, this is the universally recognised sound of celebration. Ten Australian artists and makers from diverse material practises, have considered the experience of celebration to present one-off and limited-edition vessels and accompanying drinking accessories 

Material: vinyl, cotton lining, metal zip, metal chain, metal hardware, wine bladder

Dimensions: 34 x 38 x 12 cm

Please note these are now available on pre-order, due before end November

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