Sienna Barton

Sienna Barton – 'The Heirloom Vase', 2024


The Heirloom Vase serves as a slight departure from Sienna's usual basket-making practice, by incorporating beads. The bottom half of this (non-functional) vase is made using handwoven yarn, while the top half is constructed using plain gauze bandages. Using beads to imitate the organically created stitches on the bottom half, this piece plays with the concepts of imitation and replicas. Standing at a distance, you might not notice that it features so many beads - like looking at an impressionist painting from afar, only to see that it's made of many tiny marks.

Spanning dozens of hours of work, this piece seeks to interrogate the preciousness of "women's work" and the value of the handmade in a world where so much is automated or artificial (including intelligence). This is a treasured piece, to be passed down to the people you love

Sienna Barton is a Naarm-based painter and textile artist. Freshly graduating from the MFA program at RMIT University, her artistic practice is obsessive and time-consuming. Often serving as a means of soothing fidgety fingers, her work seeks to transform anxious energy into tangible works of art. She’s currently focusing on craft as a radical act of self-care, while trying to understand her relationship to colour: why pink features so prolifically and why red makes her cringe. Her textile works utilise discarded materials from local clothing labels and her own wardrobe, while others are collected by her grandparents during their weekly trips to the op shop. It’s a true labour of love, and each thread has an embodied history.

Material: collected and discarded fabrics, new and vintage threads, shredded
paintbrush rags, collected and new beads. Spanning hundreds of hours of work. 

Dimensions: approx. 17.5 x 12.5cm 

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