Rebecca Diele

Rebecca Diele – 'Permutations: The Degrees of Freedom', 2023


Permutations: The Degrees of Freedom is a large-scale paper sculpture. Suspended mid-air, the work conveys ideas of opposing forces and a sense of tension as threads radiate towards the floor. In constructing the work, Diele methodically followed a geometric and structured sequence of patterns to stitch cotton thread into paper. She repeated this controlled process before embracing randomness by dowsing the work in water, interrupting the precise arrangements of the threads, and allowing space for change and modification of the system. As the water loosens the paper’s fibres, Diele simultaneously pulls on the cotton threads to manipulate the paper’s surface into an undulating, topographical form. The work sits at a delicate and tender moment between materiality and process, where new possibilities and outcomes arise.

Rebecca Diele is a multi-disciplinary artist working across weaving, mark-making, sculpture and installation. Her practice engages various materials and phenomena using process-led methodologies to consider the tension, contradiction and synthesis of opposing forces: order/disorder, randomness/control, rule/freedom and strength/vulnerability. Diele’s work also captures the process of material transformation in which unexpected meaning and understanding emerge from interruption.

Occupying Space

September 23 – November 4

Read about the exhibition.


Material: 300 GSM cotton paper, cotton thread, ink and metal.

Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 350cm

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