Cassie Leatham

Cassie Leatham- 'Bone weaving' Earrings, 2023


Cassie Leatham is a Taungurung/Wurundjeri woman of the Kulin Nation. Cassie was born on Gunai Kurnai country and is an active member of the Gippsland Indigenous community. She is an Indigenous artist, master weaver, traditional dancer, bushtukka woman and educator.

Cassie is extremely passionate about teaching her skills to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students of all ages. Her aim is to give participants the opportunity to learn and understand Aboriginal culture and develop knowledge of both historical and contemporary Aboriginal history. At a young age Cassie demonstrated a talent in art using a variety of different mediums and techniques. It was through discovering her Aboriginal heritage that she began exploring traditional ways of creating using traditional materials and methods. Cassie is self-taught and inspired by the stories of Indigenous Elders.


Ara Dolatian / Anke Kindle / Cassie Leatham / Juan Castro / Liv Boyle / Louise Meuwissen / Zaiba Khan

Guest curated by artist and jeweller Zaiba Khan, Invocations delves into the realm of living objects.

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