YEEND — 'Archie' Cup Set of Two in Mint


The delicious soft curves and contours of the Archie Series are architecturally influenced, referencing columns, towers, and arches of both modern and historic architecture.

While beautiful as individual objects, the Archie Carafe, Cup, and Bowl are designed to be paired or grouped, creating a table setting of a sprawling horizon of glassware, mimicking a candy-coloured urban city landscape. 

YEEND was founded by glass blower and designer Thomas Yeend. Specialising in hand-blown, Australian-produced, glass design YEEND has a strong focus on function and sustainability. Creating work that is both playful and refined YEEND's inspirations are rooted in colour theory, material exploration, and user interaction.

Yeend has collaborated with numerous commercial and private clients such as Jardan, Shōbōshō and The University of South Australia.

Material: hand blown and polished glass

Dimensions: approx. 9cm x 8.5cm

1 piece in stock.

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