Andrew Carvolth

Andrew Carvolth – 'AREJ Tailings' Chair, 2024

The AREJ series is part of my continued exploration into sand casting. This body of work has a particular focus on unconventional materials sourced within a 10km radius of my studio. Rejected aluminium automotive castings and tailings form the structural framework of these two chairs. The ambition is to establish a powerful visual link to the industrial lineage of the reworked materials. By repurposing discarded remnants from local foundries, each chair becomes a tangible embodiment of its industrial landscape and its heritage. Through craft and material celebration comes a transformation of industrial cast-offs into functional pieces of furniture, simultaneously showcasing alternative aesthetics and promoting sustainability. By fostering a connection between furniture design and the industrial pedigree of the materials, the work invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between industry, environment, and creative design opportunities within their immediate surrounds. – Andrew Carvolth 

Andrew Carvolth is a designer and craftsperson who merges traditional materials and furniture making techniques with experimental making processes to explore Australian vernacular design. Andrew’s practice spans exhibition work, commissions and editioned pieces. He is the co-founder of Mixed Goods Studios, an independent craft and design studio in Adelaide, and the curatorial and exhibition platform One Two One Two. As the Head of the JamFactory Furniture Studio (2021-2023) Andrew worked on the design development and fabrication of several large-scale commissions and product releases along with implementing a new woodworking short course program. Exhibiting internationally since 2018, Andrew has presented works at Milan Design Week (2018), Abierto de Diseño México (2019), and Melbourne Design Week (2019-23). 


Main Gallery

May 11 – June 22 2024

Aluminium is a single material exploration. Six artists, makers and designers respond to the allure, practicality, and ethics of aluminium and together showcase the versatile applications of this metal within contemporary material practice.

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Material: recycled aluminum, foundry tailings

Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 70cm

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