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Amanda Dziedzic — 'Yumemiru in Mint Green'

An avid fan of colour and shape, Amanda Dziedzic's glass yumemiru are a response to her travels in Japan. ‘Yumemiru’, roughly translates as ‘to dream of’. These pieces are her version of a Japanese daydream.

Available in the prettiest of hues, they are just as beautiful styled together, as they are as a stand-alone statement.

Amanda Dziedzic is a Narrm/Melbourne based glass artist who founded HotHaus Glass Studio with fellow artist Laurel Kohut. Independently, they both trained as glass associates, undertaking the glass training program at Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design in Adelaide. Having been both trained at the Jam, both have production glass blowing training, exceptional work ethics and a nurtured passion for the material of glass.

HotHaus abides by three guiding principles; 

Good Design. 

Good Glass.

Good Times.

Materials: blown glass

Dimensions: approx.  23 x 11cm


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