Anni Hagberg

Anni Hagberg – Flux 1, 2020


'Flux' combines waste materials with porcelain and glaze in the ceramic firing process to reveal the dynamic and interactive nature of the materials. The work is highfired to 1280C and utilises non-traditional materials such as fibreglass, copper and steel alongside porcelain, ceramic stains and glaze.

The work is fragile and decorative only.

Anni Hagberg is a Narrm/Melbourne based visual artist working predominantly with ceramic materials and processes. Hagberg’s practice investigates material agency through the ceramic firing process, with a particular interest in combining waste matter and found objects with traditional ceramic components to explore unpredictable material encounters. 


Material: Porcelain, steel, stain, fibreglass, copper and glaze 

Dimensions: approx. 24×20×24 cm.


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