Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason — 'To Hold' Medium Tassel Earrings with Seed Pearls


Victoria Mason has made jewellery for over 20 years, starting at Sydney College of the Arts where she completed a bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Jewellery and Object Design under the guidance of contemporary jewellers such as Helge Larsen, Margaret West and Rowena Gough. After graduation she completed an apprenticeship in Trade Jewellery working under master jeweller Raoul Merten. In 1999 she completed a Diploma in Gemmology, the combination of all three studies allowing her to translate ideas into beautifully realised pieces. Victoria started her own jewellery practice in 2002 and has shown her work though galleries such as Makers Mark and Outre Gallery, as well as exhibitions at Sturt Gallery (NSW) and KickArts Gallery (QLD).

Victoria’s work is held in private collections in Russia, UK, America, China, Scotland, Canada, Denmark, Portugal and many more. For those who admire Victoria Mason’s jewellery, there is often a strong emotional response to her work. Victoria makes a combination of small-production pieces that are sold throughout Australia, as well as one-off commissions and collaborations.


Clean lines highlight the natural beauty of silver & pearls. Continuing the story of the To Hold range, the shape derives from the clear space of the range’s necklace and ring, the precious implied half, the invisible self, the dream. The striking solid top will catch the light as the gently articulated pearls emit a warm glow. As with all VMJ pieces, each part of this design has been carefully structured and meticulously finished.

Made from Sterling Silver (nickel-free), these earrings are light in weight and great for everyday wear. As with all natural seed pearls, avoid allowing them to be in direct contact with chemicals such as hairspray and perfume.

Each earring is approx 15mm x 42mm x 3mm.

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