Nicolette Johnson

Nicolette Johnson – 'Tarnished Silver Constellation Pot', 2023


Constellation Pot is a coil built stoneware vase decorated with handmade stars scattered across its surface. Visually, the stars’ geometries appeal to my appreciation of pattern repetition and order, but I also think of stars as a connecting thread between humanity, nature, and everything on Earth. Every culture has myths and stories about the stars, from practical purposes like navigation to providing answers to our most profound questions. And this isn’t the only relationship we have with them. The majority of the elements that make up every living thing formed in stars over the course of billions of years. I think that is the most beautiful thing.

Nicolette Johnson is a ceramic artist interested in the vessel. Her work explores our connection to the natural world and the way we assign powerful meaning to objects.

Johnson was born in London, England in 1990, grew up in Texas, USA, and has been based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia since 2005. Working in stoneware and employing wheel-throwing, coiling, and sculpting techniques, Johnson applies a modern sensibility to classical forms. Her work is included in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Victoria, The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Museum of Brisbane, and the Griffith University Art Museum. Johnson began working in ceramics in 2015 and continues her practice-led exploration into functional and sculptural ceramic vessels, hand-making and firing each of her works in her Brisbane home studio.

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

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Material: glazed stoneware with platinum lustre

Dimensions: approx. 44.5 x 32 x 25cm

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