Kenny Yong-soo Son

Kenny Yong-soo Son – Copper Schooner(s), 2022


The Copper Schooner(s) is a personal exploration for an ideal beer drinking vessel, essentially enhancing the beer drinking experience. These set of beer drinking vessels were created with an intention of wanting something that would hold the perfect amount of beer, as well as enhancing the experience though touch, interaction and experience. Just, cheers.

Kenny Yong-soo Son is an object maker based in Sydney, Australia.|With background in metal craft and object design, the focus behind Son's practice is to create work that resemblance a sense of longevity and hand-craftsmanship. The design aesthetics of Son's work relate to the idea of reduction and simplicity with emphasis on modern and traditional craftsmanship in the physical work process. Son is interested in producing work that has the ability to interact with the user and its surroundings, allowing a trigger of emotions and senses of the user when using the object.


November 17 – January 7

Presenting works by Anna Varendorff, Caro Pattle, Drew Spangenberg, Julian Leigh May, Katie-Ann Houghton, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Rowsaan, Studio Dokola, _Three Litres & Yeend Studio 

Cheers, salud, bottoms up! Along with the clink of a glass, this is the universally recognised sound of celebration. Ten Australian artists and makers from diverse material practises, have considered the experience of celebration to present one-off and limited-edition vessels and accompanying drinking accessories 

Material: copper, tin plating

Dimensions: approx 14cm x 7cm

6 pieces in stock

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