Kenny Yong-soo Son

Kenny Yong-soo Son – Tin Plated Brass Vase I, 2023


The technique Ibsa or sometimes called Pomok Sanggam, involves using a chisel and chasing hammer to create narrowly spaced indentations across the surface of the object in numerous different directions.

As a result, the surface illustrates a texture somewhat similar to woven or intertwined fabric. Onto this surface, precious sheet or thread material (0.2 - 0.18mm thickness) can be inlaid into the indentations created by thousands of chisel marks. An Ibsa knife tool is used to cut the wire to a desired shape, size and length, and using a hammer, the artwork is inlaid onto the surface.

Kenny Yong-soo Son is an object maker based in Sydney, Australia.With background in metal craft and object design, the focus behind Son's practice is to create work that resemblance a sense of longevity and hand-craftsmanship. The design aesthetics of Son's work relate to the idea of reduction and simplicity with emphasis on modern and traditional craftsmanship in the physical work process.

Son is interested in producing work that has the ability to interact with the user and its surroundings, allowing a trigger of emotions and senses of the user when using the object. Son has exhibited across Australia at Modern Times, Craft Victoria and in Korea at Gallery Ahwon, Seoul

Unobstructive Beauty 

November 16 – January 20

Read about the exhibition

Material: cast iron, 999 silver

Dimensions: approx 20cm x 11 x 8cm 

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