Katie-Ann Houghton

Katie-Ann Houghton — Small Teal 'Drop Bottle' Sculpture | Vase


Katie-Ann Houghton completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 2011, and after graduating became a full-time assistant for Sydney based glass artist Ben Edols. While at college and working with Edols, Katie- Ann exhibited her work in several galleries around Sydney and NSW. Also selected to be a part of the National Student Glass Art prize, where her work was acquired into the gallery’s collection. After her time teaching at SCA, Houghton applied and was accepted into the competitive Associate Training Program at Jam Factory in Adelaide. During the two-year program in the Glass Studio at Jam Factory, Katie-Ann focused on developing distinct design elements and refined her craftsmanship. Her hand blown work engages with contemporary Australian design aesthetics, incorporating minimalism, subtle forms and colour.

The form of the drop bottle is inspired by the ripple effect of water droplets making contact with a still body of water. As the bottles are being made, a constriction is made in the hot glass, creating a waist. The two wide sections are then pressed against one another, creating a fold in the material. This fold represents the point of contact of the water droplet on the water.

Material: Hand Blown Australian Glassware 

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