Marlo Lyda

Marlo Lyda – Remnants Side Table #43


Conceived from the skip-bin of a Sydney based stone supplier, Remnants Collection designs new life from pieces of stone that are too small or cracked for common usage. These 'imperfect' stones are collected, catalogued, and crafted back into the limelight - forming a collection of unique one-off coffee and side tables.

Pairing the eccentricities of each salvages stone with a hand-crafted frame is one of many tender acts of restoration in the Remnants Collection. The stones are hand finished, while the steel frames - reminiscent of ad hoc scaffolding - are patinated, sealed, and meticulously bound with copper wire detailing. 

Marlo Lyda is an Australian-born designer-maker and Powerhouse design resident currently based in Sydney. With a deep-rooted commitment to celebrating the inherent beauty of makers and materials, Lyda's practice embodies a harmonious blend of creativity, resourcefulness, and purpose. 

Coaxing delicate yet functional objects from rarely considered resources, Lyda's work provokes a reassessment of the intrinsic value embedded in overlooked 'waste' materials. Graduating cum laude from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021, Lyda draws from her education in the Netherlands to bring together design thinking with a hands-on approach to creation and collaboration. Her work has been exhibited at Dutch Design Week, as well as throughout Australia. 


Project Space

May 2 – June 15 2024

By/Product forms part of the launch of Conscious Craft – a Craft Victoria initiative showcasing innovative creations by makers and designers who are actively considering sustainability and ethics in their production methods and use of materials.

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Material: recycled warm onyx

Dimensions: 49 x 36 x 53cm

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