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Premium Whisky Gift Pack - Savour the moment with Wolfburn

Hand carved glass tumblers from Katie-Ann Houghton are the perfect companion for premium single malt Scotch whisky. 

For a luxurious gift, a trio of striking whiskies from Scotland’s rugged North Coast, accompanies a very special whisky tumbler - handblown and meticulously carved by hand, making each a unique piece to enjoy for years to come.

Each gift pack is gift wrapped and contains a personalised card and an artist biography. 

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Gift pack inclusions:

  • 1 Hand carved whisky tumbler by Katie Ann Houghton ​
  • Whisky match: Wolfburn 3 Pack Miniature 50ml (featuring a mix of Northland, Aurora, Morven whiskies)​
  • Artist biography card
  • Gift wrapping
  • Personalised gift card

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