Astrid Salomon

Astrid Salomon – 'Resilience No.33', 2023


Coil built stoneware vases, telling a story through my hands, varied in shape and size and always one of a kind. Through experiences we grow . An ongoing series, numbered. High fired. Watertight.

Astrid Salomon is a ceramic artist based in Melbourne. There are different series she approaches with the ceramic practice, always exploring a new angle through a limited body of work. The ideas for her work often draw inspiration in the emotional experience and the various stages and of the human condition. Like experiments, one shape informs the next and with that a diversity of characters evolve. It is not primarily the function of the vessel that interests her, but the space it holds in the world.


Material: stoneware, oxides, layered glazes

Dimensions:  31cm x 41cm

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