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Sarah Nedovic – 'Untitled' Corner Wall Light, 2024



Sarah Nedovic, a visionary artist based in Melbourne, has always been captivated by art that defies description, stirring emotions that Transend mere visual aesthetics. On a recent visit to MONA she encountered a sculpture accompanied by music - a moment of transcendence she sought to capture and recreate in her latest artwork, Untitled. 

Untitled is a striking composition. Discarded silk offcuts are delicately framed in oversized aluminium tubes, creating a juxtaposition of textures and materials that are both arresting and thought-provoking. At over 2.6 meters, the work's scale adds to its grandeur, demanding the viewer's entire physical presence and engagement. Accompanying the visual and tactile elements is the warm embrace of music by Melbourne producer Nicholas Acquroff, creating a multi-sensory experience that envelops the viewer. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of 'Untitled' is its exploration of the theme of by-products. The silk off-cuts repurposed in the artwork were sourced from a local lampshade manufacturer, where fabric rolls lay unnoticed for decades. This transformation of overlooked remnants into a profound artistic statement is a testament to Sarah's creative vision and commitment to sustainability. 

Ultimately, by naming the piece 'Untitled', Nedovic leaves the artwork open for viewers to interpret. It allows them to bring past experiences, emotions, and their imagination to the piece. Its purpose is to be viewed, heard and experiences. 

"It's a testament to the power of art to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to find beauty in the overlooked, and to invite us to see the work with new eyes."  

Sarah Nedovic is a Melbourne-based creative producing captivating collectible art pieces cultivated by boundless curiosity and her limitless drive to explore the infinite and enduring potential of materiality.

Through a mediation between intuition, research and the employment of both traditional techniques and investigative discovery, Sarah forges unions between materials, light form and innovation to elicit outcomes that are ever-evolving, constantly shifting to make space for new influences.

Having established herself as a ceramic artist, producing works coveted by interior designers and collectors in Australia and abroad, Sarah's work has begun to evolve into other materials while remaining anchored by a strong cross-disciplinary spirit that has come to define her. 


Project Space

May 2 – June 15 2024

By/Product forms part of the launch of Conscious Craft – a Craft Victoria initiative showcasing innovative creations by makers and designers who are actively considering sustainability and ethics in their production methods and use of materials.

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Material: Corner light made from discarded silk offcuts and aluminum. Accompanied with audio written & produced by Nicholas Acquroff & Jarred Osborn.

Dimensions: 260cm in height x 52cm in width



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