Joanne Odisho

Joanne Odisho – 'Lume' Standing Lamps Set, 2024



Lume is a set of two free standing lamps crafted from a biodegradable composite made of recycled shredded paper and wood shavings. The marriage of form and materiality in the historical structures of 19th-Century Water & Sons paper dome observatories served as a powerful source of inspiration for works which are characterised by the method of attaching thick linen paper over wooden moulds to creative distinctive domed structures.  

With a framework made from a biodegradable composite comprised of recycled shredded paper, wood shavings, cornflour and a natural based adhesive and a lamp shade from unryu rice paper, the Lume lamps address the current environmental issues of finding sustainable solutions by reimagining and repurposing materials in innovative ways.  

“In a world teeming with overlooked resources, it’s our duty as designers to harness the abundance of materials destined for waste in our pursuit of sustainable and thoughtful design.” 

Joanne Odisho is a Melbourne based designer focused on furniture, lighting, and objects. Through her designs, Joanne Odisho highlights the importance of cautious material selection to minimise waste. She hopes to develop a practice that promotes awareness about where our products come from and how we can make more environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to what we put in our own homes.  

Odisho’s creative thinking enables her to transform abstract ideas into tangible, visually captivating objects. She draws inspiration from a range of sources, including architecture and the nature that surrounds us. One of her primary objectives is to ensure that her products seamlessly integrate into their intended environments. With a background in interior design, spatial planning and consideration of human interaction is a natural instinct. 


Project Space

May 2 – June 15 2024

By/Product forms part of the launch of Conscious Craft – a Craft Victoria initiative showcasing innovative creations by makers and designers who are actively considering sustainability and ethics in their production methods and use of materials.

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Material: Bio-composite, Unryu paper, Electrical fittings 

Dimensions: A set of two free standing wall lamps . Large - 1500 x 550mm. Small - 600 x 400mm 


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