Studio Dokola

Studio Dokola – Mezza Forma - Tall Cup 220mLs


These new tableware designs are a continuation of the process created in the series Liquid Stone. They take an experimental and nuanced approach to designing materials that are complementary to the glassblowing process. In doing so attention is focused on conceptualising finished forms in glass through long interactions with a different material. Mezza Forma meaning half form or half mould delineates this bridging of two material worlds but also references naive mould-making in the face of refined industrial craft heritage.

Reaching back to find provocative period styles, we recycle visual ideas of the past into tableware for new markets. Embracing the dynamic meaning of the word DOKOLA as a concept for objects - Dokola (Doh – kol – ah) can be simplified to mean around & around. Like turning a glassblowing pipe, recycling glass, or the resurgence of a past trend today. We consider this nutshell definition when thinking about designing, process, cyclic values, and trends.


November 17 – January 7

Presenting works by Anna Varendorff, Caro Pattle, Drew Spangenberg, Julian Leigh May, Katie-Ann Houghton, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Rowsaan, Studio Dokola, _Three Litres & Yeend Studio 

Cheers, salud, bottoms up! Along with the clink of a glass, this is the universally recognised sound of celebration. Ten Australian artists and makers from diverse material practises, have considered the experience of celebration to present one-off and limited-edition vessels and accompanying drinking accessories 

Material: blown glass

Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 10cm

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