Yumi Ando - Peach Drop Necklace

Yumi Ando

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Yumi Ando is the force behind and O Design. From a home studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Yumi Ando hand crafts geometric forms, curious bunnies, miniature hanging air-plants, delicately painted lustre necklaces and more. Inspired by the natural world, industrial forms and her Japanese background.

Each piece is a unique cultural fusion, shaped from porcelain, earthernware and raku before being decorated by hand. All pieces are kiln fired at least twice to ensure strength and longevity. 


Materials: pigmented porcelain, gold lustre, with sterling silver chain. 

Dimensions: chain length approximately 60cm in total; pendant is 4.3cm long and 3.3cm wide. 

Category: necklace

Type: Jewellery

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