Yu-Fang Chi

Yu-Fang Chi— Intertwine, 2021-2022


Intertwine is an immersive installation made from recalled and environmentally harmful fishing nets sourced from the Victorian Fisheries Association. Applying masterful weaving and sewing techniques the work allows for pause on the relationship between the natural and built environments.

Yu-Fang Chi is a Taiwan-born, Australian artist working within textile, silversmithing, sculpture, and spacial installation across Asia, Australia, and Europe. Through various methods of exploring line and form – via traditional craft techniques, wire, and textile installation, as well the use of lighting and shadow – Chi challenges the way weaving to operate and be presented. Her work uses processes of repetition, ephemerality and the interplay of light and shadow to open up discussions around body, environment and contemporary pressing topics.

Chi has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Her work is held in the collections of Gold Museum in Taiwan, Korea International Craft Biennale, and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France.


Alternative Provisions presents the work of designers and makers expanding material practice as an act of making good. The exhibition explores how unexpected and under-utilised materials, driven by the notion of ‘reuse’, are developed and used in interesting ways by today’s makers.

The exhibitors each forage for their material, whether organic matter or discarded waste product, to create works that offer production alternatives, as well as a means to tell new stories.

By joining these makers in their search for more mindful provisions, we are lead to re-evaluate how we engage with materials for production and the potential presented by seeking conscious alternatives.

Presented as part of Melbourne Design Week, Alternative Provisions joins the broader conversation on the environmental implications of human presence and the revaluation of our actions. Let’s make good on our responsibilities to the environment through creative innovation.


Materials: fishnet, monofilament nylon thread, cotton thread, silk 

Dimensions: dimensions variable 

Please enquire for acquisition at shop@craft.org.au or contact our curator Eliza at etiernan@craft.org.au

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