Yeend Studio

Yeend Studio – PLUCK 2-Cup Set + Stand, 2022


The 'PLUCK' Cup + Stand Set Series takes its inspiration from nostalgic childhood memories of fruit and berry picking. With Yeend Studio's signature focus on user interaction and experience, 'PLUCK' was designed with a sculptural mindset; beautiful as a decorative object, while inviting the user at any time to pluck a cup from its stand to share a drink with friends or family.

Founded in 2017 by glass designer Thomas Yeend, Yeend Studio has specialised in the creation of hand-crafted, Australian-produced object and lighting design. Inspired by elements such as colour theory, material exploration, and user interaction, Yeend Studio has endeavoured to create work that is both playful and refined.


Presenting works by Anna Varendorff, Caro Pattle, Drew Spangenberg, Julian Leigh May, Katie-Ann Houghton, Kenny Yong-soo Son, Rowsaan, Studio Dokola, _Three Litres.

Cheers, salud, bottoms up! Along with the clink of a glass, this is the universally recognised sound of celebration. Ten Australian artists and makers from diverse material practises, have considered the experience of celebration to present one-off and limited-edition vessels and accompanying drinking accessories Ð just in time for the festive season.

Material: blown glass, cast jesmonite

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 12 x 14cm

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