YEEND — 'Archie' Cup Set of Two in Lemon


YEEND presents their debut glassware range; Archie.

The delicious soft curves and contours of the Archie series are architecturally influenced, referencing columns, towers, and arches of both modern and historic architecture.

While beautiful as individual objects, the Archie Carafe, Cup, and Bowl are designed to be paired or grouped, creating a table setting of a sprawling horizon of glassware, mimicking a candy-coloured urban city landscape.


Originally founded as ‘Thomas Yeend Design’ in 2017 by Australian designer Thomas Yeend, YEEND has predominantly specialised in the creation of hand-blown Australian-produced glass design.

Over their years of operation so far, ‘Thomas Yeend Design’ has produced a range of award-winning products, and has also worked on numerous custom projects, designing and producing bespoke design work for commercial and private clients such as Jardan, Shōbōshō, and The University of South Australia.

A new chapter in their design journey, YEEND aims to retain many of ‘Thomas Yeend Design’s core aesthetics, such as an undying love of colour and minimalist form, with a renewed focus on function and sustainability. All products are 100% Australian-made, with many new collaborative projects and products with other designers and makers already well into development.

YEEND acts as both a revolution and evolution to their glass design roots, exploring and producing work that furthers their flagship love of glass and its possibilities, while also exploring new materials and products, such as furniture and lighting.


Materials: hand blown and polished glass

Dimensions: approx. 9cm x 8.5cm

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