Wendy Jagger

Wendy Jagger — Timbertop Serving | Baking Plate in Blue


Inspired by the beautiful and sometimes austere environment of Victoria's alpine North East, this series by Jagger further explores her affinity for her surrounds. Thrown in Australia's Southern Ice porcelain, Jagger's field drawings are translated with striking glaze work. Complementary practices in drawing, painting and clay sees Jagger working with a range of techniques to transform wheel thrown vessels with stunning motifs referencing the area's seasonal landscapes and flora. The vessel becomes a canvas as she draws and paints onto the smooth, polished surface or alternatively etches the imagery, layer by layer into the walls of the vessel. Jagger holds a Bachelor of Education (Arts and Crafts) and a Diploma of Arts, Ceramics and has been a Finalist in the Victorian Ceramics Award (Manningham City Gallery), 9th International Ceramics Festival, Mino, Japan (Awarded Honourable Mention) and Victorian Ceramics Award (Manningham City Gallery). Her work is housed in public and private collections across Australia.  


Materials: stoneware

Dimensions: 35cm wide, 3cm in height 

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