Jessie French

Jessie French – 'Jade Queen', 2023


French's hand-sewn artworks, a meeting of traditional craft and cutting-edge science, make a bold statement: We can mould our material world. Their marble-like patterns sing a song of transformation—how ancient algae turned into fossil fuels—and a plea for a sustainable substitute.

The Red Queen Hypothesis—a biological theory implying the necessity for constant adaptation to survive in a world always changing, aligns seamlessly with French’s materials and techniques—an algae-based polymer as a sustainable answer to petrochemical plastics. In this dance of progress and destruction, ‘Jade Queen’ leaps into depths that belie the airy lightness of its physical form. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Red Queen—a master of adaptability—it asks us: Can't we, too, adapt, move beyond the environmental horror of petrochemical plastics? Like the Red Queen racing just to stay still, we're in a mad dash to keep our ecological balance.

Jessie French is an artist and experimental designer, working with bioplastics. Her practice explores consumption, symbiosis, ecology, science and technology in the context of human experience amidst human-driven environmental crisis. She is interested in engaging with environmentally vital issues and experimental artistic projects refracted through the lens of science.

Vessel Project

June 7- July 29

The Vessel Project is an exploration of the vessel en masse, as imagined by Melbourne’s most creative practitioners. The showcase continues the examination of modern amphorae in Jugs, and celebrates Craft's curatorial collaboration with the NGV for Vessels – now showing as part of Melbourne Now at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. 

Read about the exhibition.

Material: Algae-based material developed by the artist, Athrospira platensis microalgae as pigment, mineral pigment, polyester thread.

Dimensions:  30 x 15 x 15cm

Photography: Henry Trumble

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