Vanessa Lucas - Flava Cup and Saucer in Stone

Vanessa Lucas

Vanessa Lucas has been a creator of bespoke garments for 20 years and has recently returned to working with clay to make vessels. Utility is important when working with both cloth and clay, but the tangibility of function must not be at the expense of beauty. Slip-casting enables the design of each object to be assiduously refined to that fine point where functionality and beauty are balanced. Nature is referenced in the unadorned porcelain shapes which invoke an air of serenity through their simplicity and subtle relationship with each other. The curvaceous forms invite touch and the soft, creamy satin surfaces are at once sensuous and pleasurable to use.

Materials: Slip cast porcelain 


Cup: diameter 13.5cm, height 6.5cm

Saucer: diameter 17.5cm, height 2.5cm

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