Tiarna Herczeg

Tiarna Herczeg — Past The Jamba/Past the Hillside 2022


Jamba, meaning Hillside in Kuku Yalanji language, reveals the biodiversity of Country through a playful and intuitive exploration of colour and shape. The work is influenced by the artist’s move from Dharug Country to Gadigal Land, from bush to city, and memory and sense have been used as a means to connect with Country and culture. The works reveals an aerial perspective of Country and feature warm colours that highlight radiance of place, flashes to colourful landscapes and lines to segregate land. An exaggerated vibrance and intensity make the work feel fantastical, drawing back to a longing for Country.

Tiarna Herczeg is a proud Kuku Yalanji and Hungarian artist living on Gadigal lands. Their mob’s land runs along the east coast of Far North Queensland and includes the land and waters between Port Douglas and South of Cooktown. Tiarna’s style alludes to Indigenous, non western maps that follow paths, songlines and significant places. Their approach to painting, however, is intuitive and they paint without direction, using their practice as a ritual to connect with Country. Tiarna’s creative practice comes from a sense of urgency regarding their cultural identity. Through their practice there is a spiritual exchange of energy between the artist and the artwork, and the unsaid is spoken.

Into the Everywhen 

Curated by Alchemy Orange

July 2 - September 3

The Everywhen refers to the spirit manifested at any or all times, represented in the living land, culture and creativity of First Nations people. It was popularised by Dr Stephen Gilchrist, a Yamatji curator and theorist, as a means of describing Australian Aboriginal relations to time and is an expression of what has otherwise been labelled ‘the Dreaming’. The Everywhen is a denial of the linear narrative inherent in settler time/histories

Materials: acrylic on birch

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm

Works will be on exhibition until September 2

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