Third Drawer Down

Third Drawer Down - Margaret Preston Tea Towel


Craig Damrauer makes things and writes about things. He graduated with an MFA from the University of Arizona. His work has been shown at MCA Denver, Los Angeles Contemporary Editions, Pulse Art Fair, Paul Smith’s GLOBE Gallery and has appeared in the New York Times, the Atlantic, GOOD and Anathema among others.

Third Drawer Down elevates the validity of the art souvenir by creating thoughtful exhibition based products. They aim to make art accessible and affordable and produce limited edition textiles, multiples, stationary, bed linen and accessories that are sold in exclusive outlets globally.

This tea towel makes drying the dishes fun.  It can also be stretched onto a canvas at your local framer to make an excellent affordable artwork for your home.

Comes wrapped in a beautifully printed A4 envelope.

100% Linen Tea Towel
Fourth Edition of 1000

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