Tessa Blazey x Alexi Freeman - Gold Plated Diamond Chain Earrings

tessa blazey x alexi freeman

Freeman and Blazey's collaborative practice identifies the human body as its primary site for exploration. Inspired by their shared love of Science Fiction and geometry, the artists are concerned with creating artisanal jewellery sculptures that utilise a combination of production techniques including ancient low-tech jewellery processes such as lost wax casting and chainmail construction, in combination with contemporary industrial manufacturing such as laser cutting. Freeman andBlazey think of their collaborative practice as the crafting of wearable sculptures that could potentially become artefacts of the future. The work explores a fascination with archaeology, evoking the imagined body through the design and production of wearable artefacts


Materials: Gold plated steel chain, gold plated silver ear posts 

Dimensions: Length 13cm Width 3cm

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