Terunobu Hirata

Terunobu Hirata — Handmade Grooved Celadon Cup


Terunobu Hirata is a Melbourne based ceramicist who has been working in stoneware and porcelain for over 15 years. While initially studying pottery in Australia, Hirata subsequently traveled to Japan to work alongside a number of traditional potter, being particularly influenced by Japanese Bizen Ware, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.

Prior to beginning his ceramic practice, Hirata for many years worked at Kuni’s – one of Australia’s oldest and most revered Japanese restaurants. This deep understanding and appreciation for the complementary relationship between serving vessel and nutriment has seen the development of a practice in which the experience and ‘use’ of the work informs not only shape but texture, glaze and so on. There is an awareness of detail and balance in Hirata’s work where value is expounded not only as a transient aesthetic but something that is linked to its continual use and enjoyment.


Materials: stoneware

Dimensions: diameter 7.3cm, height 11cm

*Please note that each piece is made by hand and therefore subtle variations exist between each. 

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