Terunobu Hirata

Terunobu Hirata — Fluted Shirahagi Teapot


Terunobu Hirata is a Melbourne based potter who has been working in stoneware and porcelain for over 15 years. Studying at the Warrandyte Potter’s Cottage in the early 1990’s, Terunobu originally trained as a chef and for many years worked at Kuni’s Japanese restaurant – one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Australia. Refining his technique over the last 10 years, Hirata has studied alongside a number traditional potters in Japan, being particularly influenced by Japanese Bizen pottery. His history as both a chef and potter has meant that the ‘use’ of his work is essential to his practice and each piece is made with careful consideration of both its form and function. There is an awareness of detail and balance in Hirata’s work which means they are as beautiful to use as they are in appearance.


Materials: glazed stoneware

Dimensions: height approx. 14cm

Please note that due to the handmade nature of each work there are minor variations in dimensions between different pieces.

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