Tara Shackell

Tara Shackell — Iron Age Vase


Tara Shackell is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She makes functional tableware and ceramic objects from high-fired stoneware and porcelain. Her current work focuses on creating simple objects that express materiality, quietness and space.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in photography, Tara shifted mediums and completed a Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics) from Box Hill Tafe. Tara expresses a balance between the clay bodies of her vessels and the spaces within and without. She creates glazes that interact texturally with the clays that she uses, and result in subtle depths of surface.

Perhaps a legacy of her photographic training, Tara’s vessels create a table-top horizon of heights and subtle colour and texture variations that are a pleasure to live with and use.


Materials: hand thrown and turned stoneware finished in matte metallic glaze

Dimensions: height 22cm, diameter 9cm at widest point

***Each piece is crafted by hand and therefore will include subtle variations between each piece.

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