Tara Shackell - Rock Vase, Curved Green - Medium

Tara Shackell

Tara Shackell is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She makes functional tableware and ceramic objects from high-fired stoneware and porcelain. Her current work focuses on creating simple objects that express materiality, quietness and space. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in photography, she discovered it is the process of working with clay that she loves most. In 2011 she completed a Diploma in Ceramics. Tara now spends as much time as possible working in her tiny garden studio, forming shapes using the wheel or moulding and shaping the clay by hand, making useful things for people who appreciate beauty in everyday objects.

Hand thrown from a range of strong stoneware clays. Glazed on the inside, making it water tight.

Materials:  Stoneware

Dimensions: 14 cm height and 7cm diameter

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