Supermarket / Alpha 60 - Navy Leather Necklace with Brass Fitting

Alpha 60

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“Alpha60 is delighted to join with Craft for the end of year Supermarket exhibition of Australian design. Continuing the label’s exploration of abstraction in print making, Alpha60 have produced a distinctive print for the exhibition based on an eclectic vision of the Australian landscape – as much evening thunderstorm as parched river bed. The print was made using a folding technique where fabric was bunched, haphazardly swathed in paint, then unfolded to reveal a disordered visage. The print is featured on a dress and a scarf, and will be complemented by a necklace of woven leather. Each piece is exclusive to Craft’s Supermarket exhibition.”

Exploring the phenomenon of markets and production ware, Supermarket transformed the gallery into a marketplace of limited edition works exclusive to Craft from a select group of Melbourne makers and designers.

Curated by Debbie Pryor a selection of artists were invited to create exclusive ranges as an extension of products in the retail store or reinvention of exhibition concepts. This collection of works created a distinct Australian representation of some of our most popular and engaging makers.

Featuring new works by Kirsten Perry, Anna Davern + Lucy James, Emily Green, Arts Project Australia, Lara Davies + Jess Wright and introducing an exciting new relationship with Melbourne icons Alpha 60.

For more information on the Supermarket exhibition please visit our website here.


Materials: woven leather, brass fitting

Dimensions: circumference approximately 60cm, thickness 2-3cm. 

Limited Edition

Category: necklace

Type: Craft Collector

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