Sophie Quinn

Sophie Quinn — Silver Pearly Earrings


Hand engraved and oxidised sterling silver earrings with white fresh water pearls.

Sophie Quinn is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans sculpture, drawing and gold and silver smithing. She creates one-off pieces that are visually unique and concern themselves with ‘line’ - both as a conceptual and formal device. For Sophie the ‘line’ is the foundation of communication, artistic expression and the very thing that makes us human.
Sophie completed her undergrad in Fine Arts at the ANU School of Art, and went on to do Honours at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2020. Sophie considers the mobility of jewellery. Designed to be held, touched and worn, jewellery is often given or received as symbols of love and friendship or for significant milestones. These ‘symbols’ travel around with us during our day to day lives and act as vessels to hold significant personal import, separate from the body and available for the world to see.

Exhibitions include RMIT galleries Site 8, Cabinet Show, Design Hub, and Capital, as well as Craft Contemporary Assembly Point, Radiant Pavilion Biennial, Melbourne Polytechnic.

Materials: Oxidised sterling silver, black pearls.

Dimensions: approx 6cm drop
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