Sophia Emmett

Sophia Emmett - Black and White Nylon Mesh Neckpiece


Sophia Emmett completed a traineeship at the Jam Factory, Craft and Design Centre in Adelaide and studied Visual Arts at Monash University, majoring in hot glass. Sophia has travelled extensity in Australia and the USA, pursuing her career in design. She has worked with a number of master glass blowers and has undertaken several artist-in-residency programs, including the Canberra School of Art and a fellowship at the Creative Glass Centre of America.

In recent years Sophia has become interested in making jewellery, creating each piece as a small sculptural form. Sophia enjoys the challenge of designing and making pieces that are intimate, wearable constructions. These works have evolved from her innovative approach to materials, combined with a fascination of the relationship between texture and form.

These handmade necklaces are made from heat treated nylon, rubber and sterling silver. To wear, simply place over the head. They come in a variety for colours, combinations and sizes.


Materials: Mesh 

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