Sky Saw - Hand Dyed Linen Napery


SKY SAW is the ‘textile laboratory’ of Melbourne maker Beck Jobson. Her design process is organic and experimental, drawing inspiration from the textile traditions of Japan, Scandinavia and Indonesia alongside sacred geometry, new wave, seventies sci-fi, heavy metal culture, and the extraterrestrial mythoi of Sun Ra and Funkadelic. Becks studio practice deliberately employs simple construction technologies like loom weaving, block printing and hand dying to manipulate locally sourced fibres into limited edition wearable artifacts.

Aside from SKY SAW, Beck regularly consults on media and communication for creative businesses and has co-authored The Craft Companion – the Complete Guide to Modern Craft with Ramona Barry.


Sold as a set of two.

Materials:  100%  hand-dyed linen

Dimensions: 42cm x 42cm 

Care Instructions: gentle hand wash in cold water. 

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