Sharon Alpren — Whisky / Tea Cup

Sharon Alpren

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Sharon Alpren first began to work with clay in the Australian outback where she discovered a natural affinity for the medium. Influenced by the colours and forms of the surrounding landscape, her work is known for its earthy palettes and textures. Now residing in Melbourne, her high fired stoneware pieces are both sculptural and functional (being dishwasher and oven safe). Intrigued by the processes of making and the nature of ceramic materials, she allows the characteristics inherent in the clay, the glaze and the fire to direct her work. Constantly experimenting with glazes and finishes, Alpren uses a reduction atmosphere which creates a brilliant variety of tones in the clay and texture in the glaze. Vessels – Thrown Australian Stoneware with Bone, Black and Celadon glazing


Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: 6.5cm height x 7cm diameter


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