Seb Brown - 'Neapolitan' Ring

Seb Brown

Incorporating found objects, sculpture, textural painting and jewellery the installation blurs the lines between messy studio and visual merchandising. Following on from larger sculptural projects, Brown has introduced figurative elements and religious iconography into Prop, expanding on the tension between cultural motifs and textures.

A self-taught jeweller, Seb Brown currently undertakes a full time studio based practice in Brunswick. Seb has been running his eponymous jewellery label since 2010. Trained in Communication Design, Brown’s practice incorporates jewellery, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, small sculpture and collage. An evolving collection ­­­of shapes and words referencing the often-unnoticed nuances of daily-life: a thumb print in silver, a chipped stone.


Materials: Sterling silver with garnet and spinel

Dimensions: size (O-) * approximately, sizing irregular 

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