Sarah O'Sullivan

Sarah O'Sullivan — Tall Keepsake Tumbler


Sarah O’Sullivan’s ceramic work draws from domestic function as a context and yet is rarely functional. The process utilised is a contradiction to the final pieces created. Sarah employs a production process of slip-casting that is designed to create exact replicas; however the end result is always unique, one-off pieces. It’s easy to overlook something ordinary we use every day. Sarah’s work tries to expel this banality and instead highlight the beauty we can find in the objects around us. Within her practice, she also shares a love of re-using and reinterpreting or reconceptualising objects and designs. Sarah often utilised traditional forms or found objects and adds a new story, whilst still referencing the notion of sentiment.


Materials: porcelain, cast from vintage glass

Dimensions: diameter 6 cm, height 7.5cm

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