Sarah Lockey

Sarah Lockey — Silver Flowers and Mother of Pearl Drop Earrings


Reclaimed vintage mother of pearl, hand carved and accented with small sterling silver flowers, are mounted on sterling silver earring posts.

Sarah Lockey is a contemporary jeweler who lives and works on the traditional lands of the Yalukit-willam clan of the Kulin people. With a deep respect for nature and the use of materials possessed of an honest simplicity and authenticity, her practice seeks to attain a quiet sense of harmony through the beauty of imperfection. With thoughtful attention to detail, surface and scale, shaping slowly by hand, material into object.

Exhibitions include RMIT galleries Site 8, Cabinet Show, Design Hub, and Capital, as well as Craft Contemporary Assembly Point, Radiant Pavilion Biennial, Melbourne Polytechnic.

Materials: reclaimed mother of pearl, sterling silver.

Dimensions: 6cm long
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