Ryan L Foote - Large Porcelain Collector Bubble Bowl Olive and Blue

Ryan L Foote

R. L. Foote Design Studio is a Melbourne, Australia based design studio focused on delivering some of the most unique and contemporary ceramic flatware, silicon food moulds, interior design objects and event-based designs.

Managed by creative director and maker/designer Ryan Foote, the studio has a particular interest in the designed food and beverage experience, thinking not only about the physical elements of the space, the table, chairs and flatware but also the ephemeral experience that runs alongside these objects. Imagining how food and drink is served, eaten, played with, they're known for creating new food forms, textures and tastes.

The Bubble Plate series at Craft is made of high fired Limoge porcelain and is dishwasher safe.

*Please note that owing to the handmade nature of each work and the specificity of this glaze technique, there are variances in the appearance of each piece and no two will be alike. 


Material: porcelain 

Dimensions: 34 cm diameter, 11 cm high


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