Ryan L Foote

Ryan L Foote — Crystalline Glaze Oval Dish in Southern Ocean


Ceramicist and chocolatier Ryan L Foote has a diverse practice, which includes both functional works of craft, event design, and large installation works. A skilled maker, he prefers to work with slip casting techniques to create exquisite forms, and from there develop custom glazes that enhance the appearance of each piece.

Training originally at the Victorian College of the Arts, majoring in sculpture and spatial practices in 2005/2006, he then went on to teach in the same department in 2010, as well as undertaking guest lecturing roles at other universities. Now dividing his time between Melbourne and Hong Kong, Craft showcases Ryan’s crystalline, bento, and bubble glaze collections.

Ryan’s crystalline glazes were custom developed over the course of four years at his Melbourne studio. Involving a complex recipe of multiple oxides and minerals, and a firing process which is driven by precise adjustments in temperature – each resulting work is unique. The crystals seen on each piece grow within the molten glaze under the extreme heat and pressure of the kiln, creating distinctive arrangements which can never be repeated.

Oven and dishwasher safe.


Material: porcelain, crystalline glaze 

*Please note that owing to the uniqueness of each piece, the glaze may vary slightly from work to work. If you’d like to see a detailed series of images for each of the pieces within this glaze available at Craft, please feel free to leave a message via our helpful chat messaging service and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

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