Roberta (Yulyulmarra) Wurrkidj

Roberta (Yulyulmarra) Wurrkidj – 'Marebu (Woven Pandanus Mat)', 2023


Kuninkju people , Northern Territory. 

Roberta (Yulyulmarra) Wurrkidj comes from the renowned Wurrkids family of the Gurrulk clan. Having been taught by mother, Melsa Gurrawanga and step father dec. James Iyuna, Roberta has carried on her families striking and very intricate rarrk work, often painted on bark, lorrkon and carved works such as Mini Spirits. Roberta often paints her djang (dreaming), Dilebang and Wak Wak (Crow Dreaming), both in which are sacred stories and sites surrounding Manengrida where Roberta often stays. "I was born in Darwin and grey up in Mumeka, Manigride Outstation, my step Dad and mum taught me how to paint, Melba Gurrawanga and James Iyuna. I've been teaching my daughter Teninnah how to paint, so she carries on her families tradition. – Roberta (Yulyulmarra) Wurrkidj 2017

Marrawuddi x Craft

June 23 – September 12

Craft has partnered with Marrawuddi Arts & Culture to present the works of 10 artists from Kakadu and West Arnhem regions. Alongside our main gallery exhibition Yarn, this showcase celebrates work across multiple traditional practices including painting, weaving and sculpture. 

Betty Milliken / Christine Munyarryun / Dorothy Bunibuni / Indra Prudence / Jemma Yibbruruana / Roberta (Yulyulmarra) Wurrkidj / Shirley Wurrkidj / Simplicia England / Sylvia Campion / Zelda Wurigir  

Marrawuddi Arts & Culture is a vibrant art centre and gallery, owned and governed by the Mirarr Traditional Owners. Engaging over 500 artists from in and around Kakadu, Marrawuddi Arts & Culture showcases the culture of the Kakadu and West Arnhem region. The art centre supports artists across different disciplines such as painting, screen-printing, weaving, photography and sculpture. 

Marrawuddi is the Kundjeyhmi word for White Belly Sea-Eagle, a bird commonly found around Kakadu and West Arnhem Land. 

Marrawuddi Arts & Culture are member of the Indigenous Art Code and ANKA (Arnhem, Northern and Kimberley Artists), the peak advocacy and support body for Aboriginal artists and Art Centres across Northern Australia. 

Read about the exhibition.

Material: Pandanus and natural dyes

Dimensions:  61cm

Cat. no: 1128-23

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