Real Non-Real

Real Non-Real — Wall Formosa Coat Rack


Made with custom wall-mounting brackets and a lacquered timber sphere.

'Formosa', meaning curvy in Italian, is intended as a catch-all for the domestic space. A coat stand and key tray for the entryway, a bedside table and enemy to the infamous ‘floordrobe’, or for catching and drying towels, a place to rest your jewellery, and a temporary home to those precious garments that wait patiently for hand wash day. It’s about a dialogue between objects and furniture. 


Materials: hand-bent chrome, powder Coat

Dimensions: 84cm x 90cm x 14cm

Please note: This is made to order on an 8-10 week lead time. Customise your own Formosa coat rack with your choice of colour sphere.

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