Rachael Rose

Rachael Rose — Forest Green III Vessel


Each of Rachael Rose's vessels are hand-built, she uses a combination of coil and slab building. She celebrates the character of the clay, leaving the external structure raw, while the internal vessel is glazed allowing for a more functional use as a vase. External surface scuffs can be wiped off easily with a damp clean cloth.

Rachael Rose is a ceramic artist living on Wurundjeri Country. Healesville, Yarra Valley. Favouring a Raku clay for its texture and strength, each vessel is created using coil building technique, the process is slow as the form takes shape. The addition of unique and playful handles create a dynamic play as the bulbous form and the flat two dimensional planes intersects.

The uniform exterior colours are dense and velvety, they swallow the light and meet with a glossy interior. Evident in each vessel are traces of the hand - a direct result of feel, and to an extent feeling. In the making, different characteristics appear, some more exaggerated than others. In a playful way these works are illusionary: pretending to be something they are not - fancy, like a peacock - but still just a vessel. It's at this junction that we are presented with the tension between the decorative and the functional.

Rose hold a Diploma of Visual Arts from Swinburne Tafe, and a BFA in painting from Monash University.

Material: stoneware

Dimensions: approx. 24 x 30cm

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