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Craft Pre-Recorded Workshops: Protect Your Practice


In this pre-recorded digital workshop, Craft and celebrated Deputy General Counsel at RMIT University Rebecca Taube, delves into copyright and intellectual property law. In purchasing this session you’ll receive a download link to access to class notes and the video of the recorded session. 

 A complex area for craft makers, there are specific object and production issues to be aware of —

  • What are the principles of copyright and intellectual property law that are important to understand?  
  • How can we protect our practice, our work and ideas before a crisis hits?  
  • How can we be respectful of intellectual property within our wider craft community?  
  • How can we strengthen our brands and intellectual property in positive ways?  

Intellectual property and contracts can be a delicate and tricky issue in the creative industries, and it is wise for craftspeople, designers and makers to be aware of the ways they can protect their work and ideas before a storm hits

This not-to-be-missed session will provide expert information on copyright and intellectual property issues specific to craft makers. 

How does it work? 

Purchase the class online and you'll receive a downloadable pdf which provides access to class notes and support material as well as video content from our Law Week Session, keep an eye on your inbox!


Rebecca Taube is Deputy General Counsel at RMIT University in Melbourne having previously worked as in-house corporate counsel with a focus on intellectual property, marketing and consumer law, privacy and data protection, trade practices, and corporate governance. She has also worked as legal adviser for clients in consumer products, fashion and homewares retail markets, including international and domestic brands, and across affordable, aspirational and luxury ranges. Rebecca has a deep respect and admiration for the maker community of Victoria.
Digital Workshop first presented at Law Week 2020 in collaboration with the Victorian Law Foundation. 
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