Peter Waples-Crowe x Craft — Latte Cup with Teal Interior


Peter Waples-Crowe an awarding winning artist who’s visual and performance practices play in the intersection of identity, race and culture. Influenced by my Ngarigo heritage, my practice explores the areas of dislocation, globalisation, popular culture, spirituality, sub-cultures and Indigeneity. Using various techniques including cut and paste appropriations, and mixed media applications my practice attempts to locate and map a sense of belonging and position in contemporary Australia. My practice also explores the cultural constraints and perceived rigid categories of being a ‘native’ artist and seeks to expand this constrained identity, away from the ignorance of Australia’s brutal and problematic past. This shifting role enables my practice to explore in-between territories and expand alternative spaces and realms for Indigenous and other people to inhabit and occupy.

Peter Waples-Crowe - Alpine Dingo 

The dingo is very much misunderstood. The alpine variety traditionally inhabited Ngarigo Country but they were seen as pests by many colonists and have been destroyed in great numbers and still are. This cup celebrates Australia’s native dog, its importance to the land and the hope that someday it will be protected.

- Peter Waples Crowe

The cup is made in Victoria by potter Ingrid Tufts before the translation of the artist's work is applied to the surface. High fired to over 1200 degrees the work is both dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Materials: southern ice porcelain

Dimensions: diameter 9.5cm, height 5.3, capacity is approximately 300ml. 

The Craft Aboriginal Commissions Project

Craft Aboriginal Projects is committed to sharing Victorian Aboriginal craft with wider audiences by highlighting the impressive tradition of skill and creativity that exists within the local Aboriginal craft community. We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations, the first people of the land on which we meet, exhibit and celebrate craft.

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