Patrick Kelly, Eclipse Knives — Gyuto Knife with Hexagonal Rosewood Handle

Patrick Kelly, Eclipse Knives

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Patrick Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist and craftsman based in Melbourne, Australia.

Trading as Eclipse Knives since 2017, Patrick crafts Japanese inspired kitchen knives with a distinctly rustic Australian feel. Combining traditional Japanese knife profiles and techniques with locally sourced Australian hardwoods for the handles and sayas (sheaths), each knife is designed to perform to the highest standard.

Hand forged from 1075 high carbon steel known for its exceptional edge and ease of sharpening. During hardening the top half of the blade is coated in clay leaving it soft and flexible, with the transitional area between the soft and hard steel being referred to as the hamon.

Every knife comes with its own custom made saya (sheath).


Materials: 1075 high carbon steel, Australian rosewood

Dimensions: length 36cm, width 5.7cm

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