OTA Glass Studio

OTA Glass Studio — 'Lace Glass' Hook Earrings in Black


OTA Glass Studio is a Sydney-based art and design duo founded by Masato Ota and Maho Isohata.  The duo built their own glass blowing studio in Japan in 2008, before moving their practise to Sydney in 2013. OTA continue to produce work with uncompromised detail, with craftsmanship core to their practise. Expressing inherited techniques and learned skills through their detailed glasswork is an important part of OTA Studio.

Wishing to create a series of jewellery that represents a celebration of life, these pieces are intended to become a joyful part of the wearer's daily experience. The series utilises 15th century Venetian glass cane techniques, and reflects the cultural experiences Masato and Maho gained whilst living in Kanazawa, Japan.


Material: glass, sterling silver hooks

Dimensions: approx. 5.5cm x. 5cm

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